Tempo libero natura e sport , Sport nautici in Corse

    Nautical sports
    Initiate in nautical activities that coastal region offers you. The sail, the surfing, the sand yacht or the kitesurf will carry you to the rhythm of tides and of winds up to an experience rich in feelings.

    In calm waters or in white-waters, attract the experience of the canoe and let come, paddle at the hand, on clear waters of these rivers of character. That you choose a gentle or tumultuous descent, you will be able to use a sumptuous natural setting.
7 in Corse.
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Sport nautici a Calvi

Calvi nautique club

Graziani Louis Port de plaisance 20260 Calvi (Haute Corse)
Tel : 04 95 65 10 65.
The calvi nautical club school of veil organizes training courses of veil, courses particular, nautical hiring and excursions

Sport nautici a Lumio

Location Bateau en Corse

Ctfbalagne Marine de San ambroggio 20260 Lumio (Haute Corse)
Tel : 06 08 65 72 97
Would you like to look at the sunset above the Mediterranean Sea from a motor yacht? Here is the right boat for your yachting holiday. You will discover the treasures of Corsica Island and enjoy your ...
foto di Sentier sous-marin
  • Bassa stagione 12€ a 16€
  • Media stagione 12€ a 16€
  • Alta stagione 12€ a 16€
  • Vacanze scolastiche 12€ a 16€

Sport nautici a Lumio

Sentier sous-marin

I Sbuleca Mare arinella 20260 Lumio (Haute Corse)
Tel : 06 80 41 67 23
We organised snorkeling guided tour in Balagne. In small group, we go discover underwater life with diving suit, during the summer. Familial activity (children allow above 8 years).
please book at 06 ...

Sport nautici a Porto-Vecchio

Kalliste Plongee

Rossi Sylviane Route de bonifacio 20137 Porto-Vecchio (Corse du Sud)
Tel : 04 95 70 44 59  - Fax : 04 95 70 44 59  - Cellulare : 06 09 84 91 51
Center of dive has Palombaggia proposing you baptemes, training courses(formations PADI, ffessm,CEDIP) and explorations in the Marine Park (natural reserve).

Sport nautici a Bastia

Club Nautique Bastiais

Club Nautique Bastiais Quai sud- vieux Port 20200 Bastia (Haute Corse)
Tel : 04 95 32 67 33  - Fax : 04 95 32 56 61
Voile Passion toute l'année
De la planche à voile au catamaran, en passant par l'Optimist et le Kayak, le Club Nautique Bastiais est ouvert à tous.
Initiation, perfectionnement, loisir, ...

Sport nautici a Propriano

Croisières Nuukrayne Corse et sardaigne

Jake et Kris Portu Valincu 20110 Propriano (Corse du Sud)
Tel : +3 36 80 18 35 09  - Cellulare : +3 36 61 93 32 25
Votre croisière privée en cabine d'hôtes à bord de NUUKRAYNE, voilier de 15 mètres skippé par un équipage professionnel - Capitaine Marine Marchande et Moniteur Voile.
Une croisière ...

Sport nautici a Ajaccio

Bimak Canyoning

Benjamin Destrubé port charles ornano 20000 Ajaccio (Corse du Sud)
Tel : 06 17 79 34 92
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